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The Saint Nicholas route

Taking the first steps in Saint Nicholas' way

Taking the first steps in the Saint Nicholas' way:

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"We wish to promote a European Itinerary based on the values and deeds of Nicholas of Myra, known also by the name of Saint Nicholas of Bari. By signing this petition, you will give us the change to “shape a path that links together several countries and regions by its common historical, social and arts threads.

These signatures aim to support the Nikolaosroute – La Via Nicolaiana’s application by the European Council. Together we are asking to embrace Nicholas’ moral values, as those values inspired European principles and protocols.

Your signature means a lot to us. It boosts our mission on empowering people and open questioning what human rights, cultural democracy, diversity, European Identity, dialogue, exchange  mean over time and place.

We stay focused on translating the European principles and values into something concrete. Something that can reward both your talent and passion. Something that can boost new educational, cultural and working opportunities and that is also affordable under human, urban and environmental points of view.This is our goal and we know, it is achievable within the Cultural European route projects’ framework.

Saint Nicholas is an international and interreligious symbol of peace. It reunites both East and West devotions. His very name reminds the story of loyalty to people’s rights and his support on people’s victory on corruption and social, political and religious breaches. Nicholas’ life and devotion healed allies and international affairs between the Mediterranean area and the rest of the European continent. We share folk traditions that transformed Nicholas into Santa Claus. These traditions tell us how close our past and our customs really are.

They therefore remind us, that Nicholas is a vivid part our story. That he is part of a shared European heritage, that it has simply been told in various ways.

And you, in what story are you in?


We believe in the power of your signature. We appreciate your support signing the Nicholas' petition on

Thanks !